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Join The Market Lens to be part of a dedicated community focused on the development of traders.

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Community benefits

Join The Market Lens and become part of a group that is committed to helping traders develop and thrive. Utilize all the provided resources to refine your trading strategy and gain valuable experience, with the ultimate goal of guiding you towards a successful approach to the markets.

  • Courses Progressive library of detailed courses
  • Livestreams Weekly livestreams for the group
  • Platform Custom features for enhanced learning experience
  • Experience Tailored lessons to cater to each member
  • Coaching Exclusive service for expedited development
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Behind The Market Lens

Market Reviews

Experience learning in real-time through the consistent market updates and reviews. While The Market Lens promotes learning through personal experience, members are guided alongside their active trading.


Study through watching weekly livestreams on relevant trading topics. All events are scheduled in advance to keep an organized operation. Any members who cannot attend during the livestream will have access to the recordings.

Private Community

Become involved with an ambitious community of like-minded traders. Members improve together by discussing strategies, sharing experience, and providing support. That is all in addition to having constant access to AM’s insight.

Tailored Experience

Upon joining The Market Lens, members share details about themselves including their trading strengths, current struggles, and future goals. This enables a learning experience which delivers more effective results for the individual trader.

Educational Content

Gain instant access to a constantly progressing library of exclusive courses. Courses provide members with material to solidify their understanding on specific topics. All members start with the course on the Foundation Model.

Custom Platform

Enter into a custom educational platform which is structured for a seamless learning environment. All resources and tools exist in one place. Members can login with the personal credentials created upon purchasing a subscription.

Personal Coaching

Active members of The Market Lens get access to scheduling for paid personal coaching lessons. All 1-on-1 meetings are planned in advance to ensure that the lesson is delivered properly and effectively for the trader.

Group Culture

Feel the energy of a group which is driven for constant improvement in trading. Members uplift each other during wins, hold accountability when necessary, engage in relevant discussions, and share progress together. The environment is built for those who want to become serious traders.

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