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  • Private Community
  • Market Reviews
  • Livestreams
  • Tailored Experience
  • Educational Content
  • Custom Platform
  • Personal Coaching
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  • Do you need extra guidance? Active members of The Market Lens get access to scheduling for paid personal coaching calls. These 1-on-1 calls are planned in advance to ensure that the lession is delivered properly and effectively for the trader.

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The teachings inside The Market Lens are refined and purposeful. Members are taught a structured approach to trading which not only applies in the charts, but also supports proper mental framework, decision making, and risk management. We understand that being able to think and act as a trader is the foundation for consistency.

Market Reviews

Experience learning in real-time through the consistent market updates and reviews


Study through watching weekly livestreams on relevant trading topics.

Private Community

Become involved with an ambitious community of like-minded traders.

Educational Content

Gain instant access to a constantly progressing library of exclusive courses.

Tailored Experience

Upon joining The Market Lens, members share details about themselves including their trading strengths, current struggles, and future goals.

Custom Platform

Enter into a custom educational platform which is structured for a seamless learning environment. All resources and tools exist in one place.

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